In 2008 QBGROUP revolutionized the Continuing Medical Education world by conceiving and implementing the CELL™ (Centre for Experiential Learning). The CELL™ is a learning technological environment for high-level education, based on natural interaction and experiential learning, where all health care professionals can interact with patients (or colleagues) in real time and discuss diagnostic, therapeutic or pharmacoeconomic choices in small and large groups.The CELL™ is the first-ever Centre for Experiential Learning in the world and in 2009 it won the World Summit Award as the most innovative educational project in healthcare.The CELL™ changed location in 2014: it’s now hosted in the city center of Padua in an ancient and prestigious building that once was the San Francesco Grande Hospital, the first medical clinic in modern history. The restoration of the building gave birth to Palazzo della Salute, a multi-functional environment that we designed to host educational CELL courses but also Pharmaceutical and Health Industries Products’ launch and promotional events.